Android JetPack- The next Generation app builder

According to the Google,”Jetpack is a set of libraries, tools and architectural guidance to help make it quick and easy to build great Android apps. It provides common infrastructure code so you can focus on what makes your app unique.”


Advantage of JetPack

– Accelerate development
– Eliminate boilerplate code
– Build high quality, robust apps

JetPack Found

1) Android KTX:
Accordingly to Google, “Android KTX is a set of Kotlin extensions that is part of the Android Jetpack family. It optimizes Jetpack and Android platform APIs for Kotlin use. The purpose of Android KTX is to make Android development with Kotlin more concise, pleasant, and idiomatic by leveraging Kotlin language features such as extension functions/properties, lambdas, named parameters, and parameter default values. Android KTX does not add any new features to the existing Android APIs.”

2) LiveData
Livedata is observable data holder class and that life cycle aware class unlikely to other. meaning it respects the lifecycle of other app components, such as activities, fragments, or services. This awareness ensures LiveData only updates app component observers that are in an active lifecycle state.

advantage of live data
– Live syncing between UI and data
– less memory leaks
– No need to manage data with life cycle.
– No crash when application is killed (it will not call observer)
– Always up to date data
– No need to manage data when configuration change (Orientation change)
– Easy data sharing between fragments

3) Navigation
Just its simplify the way navigation is implemented. The principle of the navigation define how you can provide consistent and predictable experience to users. You can use following topics in your app.

Migrate to the Navigation Architecture Component.
Add support for new destination types.
Implement conditional navigation.
Identify a common destination for several UI elements.

4) ViewModel

According to Google,”The ViewModel class is designed to store and manage UI-related data in a lifecycle conscious way. The ViewModel class allows data to survive configuration changes such as screen rotations”

5) WorkManager

Workmanager is advanced Job scheduler, Alarm Manager, Which make easy to specify deferrable, asynchronous tasks and when they should run.

6) Slices

Slices are UI templates that can display rich, dynamic, and interactive content from your app from within the Google Search app and later in other places like the Google Assistant



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