Kotlin for Android development

Kotlin announced as official programming language for the Android development by google. It’s have some advantage like,

Performance : It is as fast as Java. It’s also support lambda, inline function, extension which enhance the performance of kotlin

Interoperable : Fully inter operable with Java and all latest android libraries.

Compatible : It can run on the older android device without any issue. it is compatible with JDK 6.

Versatile : It can be used to create server side application, Android application and front end code which is running on the browser

Sort Coding : Huge amount of code can be reduced. because it support lambda, inline functions.


Start Development

You need to download the Android studio 3.0 or latest

Then check out some of the sample which is developed by the Google

Learn some Basic syntax

After got some basic knowledge, you can try this Kotlin Koans to practice.

Tools for Android development

Android Extensions
Android frameworks




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