Who i’m

My name is Mayur Raval, Software developer by profession. I am a Technical architect. and having 6.5 years of experience in the software development.

I had started my carrier through Android development and now i have also knowledge of React-native, Java (Advance),Python, Kotlin etc.

I have interest in sharing the knowledge and explore the different technologies which build me more stronger to build any thing. Use to write the blogs whenever get the time and explore inner things which are actually matter for others.

My hobbies are reading motivational books(Not interested in history 🙂 ), Playing any outdoor games (I don’t like mobile games !!).  I don’t like usually to get touch with mobile all the time so i am staying away from the social media/games etc. I have small family, if i get the time i like to introduce new thing and try to explore in that.

I love to code, so do it anywhere.